Lalui Leadership is a provider of values-based Leadership and management consultancy, coaching, mentoring and training services.

Our services are designed to assist managers and group leaders to enhance productivity and performance by transforming their own qualities as well as those of the people they lead. We do this by matching people’s talents and qualities to the roles they perform, and allowing them to excel.

Lalui Leadership is a partner in a major cross-European project, FutureSME , involving 26 partners from Ireland, UK, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Supported by a €6m grant from the EU Framework 7 programme, the project commenced in 2009 and will complete in 2012. Ultimately, it will deliver a model for successful, sustainable and socially responsible businesses in the future.

“Lalui's approach is definitely not mechanistic. It helps leaders understand themselves and where and how they fit in to their work or personal environments, with the overarching theme that “the person that you can most influence for change is yourself. By doing so, this will eventually leads to positive change in others within your sphere of influence” - a simple concept that takes time for most people to embrace, but which delivers emphatic benefits to the leader as an individual and to those with whom he or she interacts. This programme was delivered to a fairly sceptical audience in Ireland. The results were amazing and transforming. I have been through the programme and I can vouch for it.”

Denis Kearney, Managing Director, Tsunami